Grunge Boy

Designed by Deacon

Boy rocking a grunge aesthetic outfit complete with skull print shirt and camo trousers.

Bright Blue

Designed by Domimi

Girl wearing a mauve top complete with bright blue skirt and boots.

Yellow Moon

Designed by Kat

Girl with long black hair wearing a purple top with a yellow moon print.

Rainbow Flower Girl

Designed by RhubarbCrumble

Girl with a flower crown wearing a super vibrant rainbow jacket.

Spider Onesie

Designed by trxnquility

Girl wearing a scary spider mob themed onesie.

Ocean Shirt

Designed by cake976

Boy with silver hair wearing an ocean waves themed shirt.

8-Bit Vibes

Designed by PAC-MAN

This 8-bit girl comes complete with black and pink boots and a full flower crown.

3D Fox

Designed by Hakuriyu1

Fox character with a super cool 3D lava effect.

Trevor Phillips

Designed by RedDream

The angry version of Trevor from Grand Theft Auto V.

Ice Girl

Designed by BasTsu

Girl with long grey hair wearing an ice white winter outfit.

Ghost TV Head

Designed by Thwiggy

Spooky TV head figure with a grayscale screen, wearing a matching hoodie.

Axolotl Boy

Designed by Axo

Boy wearing a minty green Axolotl themed outfit.