Husk Zombie

Designed by wjlliam

Super scary zombie wearing a leather helmet and matching trousers.

Color Splash

Designed by Hyun4541

Girl with pink hair wearing a bright and colorful summer outfit.


Designed by SimplyYeeter

New variant of the skeleton mob added in Minecraft 1.21, the Tricky Trials update.

Straw Hat Luffy

Designed by Rockt

Monkey D. Luffy from the Japanese manga series One Piece.

Oversized Jacket

Designed by Jurantik

Boy with bright blue eyes wearing a cool oversized jacket.

Leon Kennedy

Designed by Danny

Leon Scott Kennedy from Resident Evil 4.

Summer Flower

Designed by Angelica

Girl with pink hair and a white bow wearing a summer outfit.

Rusty Steel

Designed by Aspirin60

Legendary warrior wearing a full set of rusted armor.

Bliss XP

Designed by Hifen12

TV head figure paying homage to the legendary Windows XP operating system.

Sunset Steve

Designed by JDMAXXX

Minecraft Steve sitting in a wheat field and enjoying the sunset!

Icy Girl

Designed by AntiBook

Girl with purple hair wearing an icy blue outfit.

Mossy Steve

Designed by TrulyLuke

Stone statue of Minecraft Steve that has become overgrown with moss!