Mr. Clock

Designed by elbow

A very mysterious smartly dressed figure with a clock for a head!

Nike Shirt

Designed by MrJuvett

Boy wearing a white Nike t-shirt and ripped blue jeans.


Designed by MasterZimmer

Girl with ice blue hair wearing a cute fox themed onesie.

Cottagecore Girl

Designed by Europe

Girl wearing a faded beige outfit complete with matching headwear.

Minion Outfit

Designed by SaraTheChef

Girl with two braids in a yellow shirt and blue overalls.

Golden Boy

Designed by Jonesthebat

Blonde boy wearing a bright golden shirt and blue jeans.

Lemon Grapes

Designed by MistyMoon

Simple girl with half yellow and half purple hair.

The Boyfriend

Designed by lucasben237

Main character from the Newgrounds rhythm game, Friday Night Funkin.


Designed by Volito

Chill boy wearing a chequered jacket and ripped jeans.

Yuna Axolotl

Designed by Eri_OvO

Girl with long black hair wearing a faded pink Axolotl themed outfit.

Master Drip

Designed by JohnDe

Cool boy wearing a stylish outfit complete with navy green ski goggles.

Shizuku Tsukishima

Designed by munieye

Main character from the 1995 Japanese animated musical film Whisper of the Heart.