Designed by MadeshaD

A strict police commissioner wearing a white shirt and black tie.


Designed by KnobleKnives

Main protagonist from the adventure game Cave Story.

Mushroom Girl

Designed by EuphoriaLuna

Girl wearing a mushroom outfit complete with matching headwear.

Mr. Jack

Designed by Jackone25

Boy with brown hair wearing an oversized bluish-grey hoodie.


Designed by Jadez

Girl with wolf ears wearing a summer outfit, complete with flower crown.

Skull Creeper

Designed by DenzelR

A large scary skull with blue eyes and a creeper face on its forehead!


Designed by Deolekar

Futuristic cyborg with Amethyst crystal detailing.

Olive Top

Designed by lolalove

Girl with brunette hair wearing an olive colour top and white boots.


Designed by Rasplin

Skin of Minecraft YouTuber Rasplin.

Female XP

Designed by Natalie_xd

Female version of the Windows XP computer head figure.


Designed by Chipflake

Chipflake the cat from the YouTube cartoon series.

Wednesday Addams

Designed by Dcnc

Character from The Addams Family and star of the Netflix show Wednesday.