Aurora Borealis

Designed by TsukiaKari

Girl with dark teal hair wearing an aurora borealis themed dress.

Mr. Globe

Designed by softnightmare

A strange suit-wearing figure with a globe for a head!

Pool Costume

Designed by JacyLondres

Boy wearing a fun pool outfit complete with chicken print shirt, arm bands and swimming goggles.

Pale Blue Hoodie

Designed by AidanC

Boy wearing a thick pale blue hoodie with custom white detailing.

Golden Hair

Designed by Fariws

Boy with golden blonde hair wearing a cool black hoodie and matching trousers.

Blue Eskimo

Designed by EskimoClaus

Man wearing a blue eskimo outfit complete with matching colored hood.

Dragon de Fuego

Designed by JuanPerez

Fire dragon with bright red eyes.

Icy Dude

Designed by Zqhid

An icy guy wearing navy trousers and white boots.

Detective Leone

Designed by MadeshaD

Private detective wearing a noir suit and fedora.

Professor Turo

Designed by Makelele

Professor Turo from Pokémon Violet.

Space Monster

Designed by Nighthearted

A super scary monster from outer space.

Dark Blue Sweater

Designed by ItsMixer

Boy wearing a simple dark blue sweater and grey trousers.