Very Cursed Steve

Designed by MIsTraLL

Minecraft Steve gone wrong again!

Low Profile

Designed by ReeDS

Boy wearing a really simple grey outfit, keeping a low profile.


Designed by JoaoVictor

A messy skin full of bright colours!


Designed by Saif246

Skin of Minecraft YouTuber and animator Ethobot.

Flower Vibes

Designed by Glowstickss

Flower crown, red jacket, ripped jeans and purple sneakers!


Designed by Extex

A haunted survivor with no soul.

David Martinez

Designed by Howzer

Main protagonist from the Polish-Japanese web series, Cyberpunk: Edgerunners.

Shadow Bandit

Designed by Giorgi

Scary figure with Herobrine eyes dressed from head to toe in black.


Designed by LS

Just a friendly neighbourhood cat!

Miss Valentine

Designed by EuphoriaLuna

Girl wearing a candy pink outfit complete with matching headwear.

Deep Blue

Designed by SethM

Boy wearing a deep blue top, black jeans and white sneakers.

Summer Style

Designed by anita7v7

Girl with long brunette hair wearing a plaid skirt and white top.