Designed by Birb

Barbie as played by Margot Robbie in the 2023 movie.

Amalgamated Monster

Designed by CROGI

Ugly monster forged in the nether, jungle and deep sea.

Cursed Alex

Designed by OceanTemple

Uh oh! Minecraft Alex with her face stretched out very wiiiiide!

Clear Skies

Designed by Shayne

The ultimate colourful, flowery and somewhat messy summer skin!

Kenji Seto

Designed by John Doe

Kenji Seto from the visual novel Katawa Shoujo.


Designed by TornPaint

A passive mob that digs seeds for various decorative plants, added in the Tales and Trails 1.20 Minecraft update.

Faded Summer

Designed by ShoizCraft

Boy with purplish-gray hair wearing a gray shirt and black shorts.

Ultra Knight

Designed by SoupW

Boss level knight wearing his full set of iron armor, complete with red robes and bronze detailing.

Cat Girl

Designed by Rhenyll

Girl with long ginger and black hair wearing a light blue top.

Green Creeper Hoodie

Designed by wakaras

Boy with bright green eyes wearing a matching creeper hoodie.

Home Cook

Designed by Moxie

Woman wearing a pink top and clean white apron.


Designed by Avarikk

A malevolent supernatural entity who lives in the underworld realm.