Mushroom Warrior

Designed by TheBreadKing

This mushroom sure is prepared for battle!


Designed by Luna

The skin of Minecraft YouTuber SolidarityGaming.

Exiled Wanderer

Designed by Krey9102

If The Exiled Wanderer knocks on your door, your only chance is to hide. His armor is strong and his will is stronger.


Designed by adiros

Katara, the waterbender from Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Extremely Cursed Steve

Designed by Bendix

Next edition in the Cursed Steve series!

Blaze Suit

Designed by pacooo

Blaze mob wearing a fancy suit and a red necktie.


Designed by Ibis

Winter girl wearing an icy-cold outfit.

Steampunk Pilot

Designed by NDTV

Steampunk pilot complete with face mask and green goggles.

Blocky Wizard

Designed by SigmaScape

Blocky style wizard wearing red and gold robes.

Blue Moon

Designed by Luna

Girl with long blue hair wearing a starry top.

Master Roshi

Designed by Bubblez705

Fictional character in the Japanese manga and anime series Dragon Ball.

Sung Jinwoo

Designed by Jaegerist

Sung Jinwoo from the anime series Solo Leveling.