Shizuku Tsukishima

Designed by munieye

Main character from the 1995 Japanese animated musical film Whisper of the Heart.


Designed by Europe

Girl with long blonde hair wearing a black outfit complete with red bow detailing.

Pumpkin Honey

Designed by SorryFromAoi

Girl with blonde hair wearing a pumpkin print olive sweater.

Diamond Scarecrow

Designed by Crimson1906

A diamond tinted version of the haunted scarecrow.

Pumpkin Creeper

Designed by DanteVM

Pumpkin version of the creeper mob, surrounded by green leaves & vines.

Pumpkin Patch

Designed by MistyMoon

Girl with a pumpkin mask wearing an orange and green striped shirt.

Bee Girl

Designed by Longdale

Girl who just really likes bees!

Sunset Sorbet

Designed by OnlyAwe

Girl with light purple hair wearing a vibrant orange and pink outfit.

Yellow Print Hoodie

Designed by VividB310

Teenager wearing a thick yellow hoodie with a palm tree print on the back.

Neon Green

Designed by CTfletcher

Rebellious teenager with bright green hair wearing a blue chequered jacket and beige boots.


Designed by Animez

No-Face from the Japanese film Spirited Away.

Tuxedo TV

Designed by Navihp

TV head figure wearing a very fancy tuxedo!