Bliss XP

Designed by Hifen12

TV head figure paying homage to the legendary Windows XP operating system.

Sunset Steve

Designed by JDMAXXX

Minecraft Steve sitting in a wheat field and enjoying the sunset!

Icy Girl

Designed by AntiBook

Girl with purple hair wearing an icy blue outfit.

Mossy Steve

Designed by TrulyLuke

Stone statue of Minecraft Steve that has become overgrown with moss!

Bright Orange

Designed by MoePlayz13

Chilled out boy wearing a bright orange hoodie with black trousers.

Plastic Herobrine

Designed by Act

Herobrine in his plastic form, complete with bronze crown.

Jonesy The First

Designed by LuckyPup

Jonesy The First skin from Fortnite.

Ghast Suit

Designed by 3DPounch

Ghast mob wearing a smart suit complete with red necktie.


Designed by frgzee

Girl wearing a green jacket, blue shorts and a red beanie.

15 Years

Designed by jhoansteam

Boy wearing a cool creeper hoodie to celebrate Minecraft's 15th Anniversary.

Sunny Day

Designed by HappyStrawBerrys

Girl with sunflowers in her hair wearing denim overalls and a green top.

The Warden

Designed by OwenTrim

This is one monster you don't want to meet in a dark cave!