Designed by YerikTH

Simple boy wearing a green creeper hoodie.

Cherry Outfit

Designed by Giovanka

Girl wearing a light pink cherry themed outfit.

Migrator Girl

Designed by AfterChange

Skin themed after the migrator cape, given to all players who migrate their Mojang account to a Microsoft account.

Red Headband

Designed by unfas

Boy wearing a red and white headband with matching outfit.

Pink Overalls

Designed by NiJiang

Girl with pink hair wearing matching bear themed overalls.

Spark Hoodie

Designed by Maan_yin

Boy wearing a purple and blue creeper hoodie complete with headphones.

Purple Mage

Designed by PlayToons

Hooded mage wearing neon purple robes.

Thrasher Shirt

Designed by keszz

Boy wearing a black cap and black Thrasher shirt.