Designed by Skywave

Main character from the animated Disney film Frozen.


Designed by JaneD

Haku in his human form, from the Japanese film Spirited Away.

Yin & Yang

Designed by mas08

Teenager with silver hair wearing an all-black Yin and Yang outfit.

Moonlight Girl

Designed by Alia

Girl with long purple hair wearing a moon themed outfit.

Chill Summer

Designed by skywave

Boy wearing a chilled out summer outfit, complete with beige shorts and gold accessories.


Designed by damyon178

Ares, the Greek god of war and courage, and the son of Zeus and Hera.

Trail Wanderer

Designed by Krey9102

Warmed by a mossy scarf, wearing boots made from the hide of a poor Sniffer and a leather glove for archeology, this adventurer is ready to survive anything he may encounter!

Bear Girl

Designed by Shirley

Girl wearing a brown sweater and a matching bear themed hat.


Designed by Birb

Barbie as played by Margot Robbie in the 2023 movie.

Amalgamated Monster

Designed by CROGI

Ugly monster forged in the nether, jungle and deep sea.

Cursed Alex

Designed by OceanTemple

Uh oh! Minecraft Alex with her face stretched out very wiiiiide!

Clear Skies

Designed by Shayne

The ultimate colourful, flowery and somewhat messy summer skin!