Casual Boy

Designed by Erop

Boy wearing a chilled out blue sweater with black jeans.

Regal Girl

Designed by sarenice

Princess wearing a red and white outfit, complete with flowers in her hair.


Designed by Ph1LzA

Minecraft YouTuber and member of Dream SMP.

Euphoria Luna

Designed by EuphoriaLuna

Girl wearing a fancy outfit complete with matching headwear and flower crown.

Lethal Company

Designed by Supcio

The default orange suit from the horror game Lethal Company.

Chill Vibe

Designed by MonsterBros

Girl with long hair wearing a super relaxed pink and white outfit.


Designed by raddened

Stanley "Stan" Marsh from the animated TV series South Park.


Designed by Lorete

Scary masked figure wearing dark robes and a red scarf.

Golden Creeper

Designed by Babapro3131

Solid gold creeper wearing a suit!

Grey Jacket

Designed by KimDan

Chilled out boy wearing a grey hooded jacket and denim jeans.

Nether Being

Designed by Maltofert

A demon-like being from the Nether.


Designed by ArcHarts

Girl with short brown hair wearing a thick sweater and blue jeans.