Chequered Shirt

Designed by Kiatoh

Boy with gray hair wearing a black chequered shirt.

Cool Penguin

Designed by Rachxel

Penguin wearing a Santa hat, Christmas scarf and sunglasses.

Christmas Outfit

Designed by Yeowun

Girl wearing a complete Christmas themed outfit.

Warm Sweater

Designed by Pixelgon

Boy wearing a thick purple sweater and a Santa hat.

Christmas Tree

Designed by Aquarine

Girl wearing a Christmas outfit complete with Christmas tree sweater.

Reindeer Onesie

Designed by mango

Girl with long brunette hair wearing a reindeer onesie.

Karl Jacobs

Designed by elfie_

Twitch streamer and YouTuber who appears in MrBeast videos.

Green Axolotl

Designed by Amaliefant

Girl wearing a green Axolotl themed outfit.