Siberian Explorer

Designed by Alexa

Explorer well prepared for very cold weather.

Canada Hoodie

Designed by RickSoSlick

Teenager wearing a red and white hoodie with the red maple leaf print.

Duck Boy

Designed by Layla

Boy wearing duck print overalls complete with matching duck hat.


Designed by Skywave

Boy with teal hair wearing a bright orange jacket and skull print t-shirt.

Rising Tide

Designed by Tidelight

Girl with purple hair wearing a teal and turquoise outfit.

Tuxedo Pig

Designed by sheep_kid

Minecraft pig wearing a very smart tuxedo.


Designed by MistyMoon

Simple girl with braided purple hair.

Frog Boy

Designed by LeonS

Boy wearing a frog inspired outfit complete with frog hat.

Summer Glow

Designed by kittywomp

Ginger haired girl wearing an orange, yellow and teal outfit.

Floral TV Head

Designed by Seaotter410

Another retro TV head figure, this time wearing a yellow shirt and colourful flower crown.

Shoko Komi

Designed by RXYan

Shoko Komi from the Japanese manga series Komi Can't Communicate.

Brown Jacket

Designed by zSamy

Boy with brown hair wearing a long brown jacket.