Dragon de Fuego

Designed by JuanPerez

Fire dragon with bright red eyes.

Icy Dude

Designed by Zqhid

An icy guy wearing navy trousers and white boots.

Detective Leone

Designed by MadeshaD

Private detective wearing a noir suit and fedora.

Professor Turo

Designed by Makelele

Professor Turo from Pokémon Violet.

Space Monster

Designed by Nighthearted

A super scary monster from outer space.

Dark Blue Sweater

Designed by ItsMixer

Boy wearing a simple dark blue sweater and grey trousers.

Holiday Steve

Designed by yemeinn

Minecraft Steve wearing a classic Christmas sweater and a Santa hat.

Festive Outfit

Designed by Faytje

Girl wearing a festive outfit ready for the holiday season!

Gilded Monarch

Designed by MalangM

Powerful queen wearing white robes complete with solid gold flower crown, boots and bangles.


Designed by Gladys

Girl wearing a traditional Japanese Kimono in cherry blossom pink.

The Revenant

Designed by Charlie

Hugh Glass the fur trader from the 2015 movie The Revenant.


Designed by captainweems

A very unfortunate patient infected with the most deadly parasitic disease.