Designed by NikoBanani

Young surfer wearing a cool Hawaiian shirt and denim shorts.

Pastel Wolf

Designed by BunnyPearl

Wolf boy wearing a vibrant blue and orange outfit.


Designed by AeroSol

Zagreus, Prince of the Underworld from the dungeon crawler game Hades.

Floral Summer

Designed by Rain

Girl wearing a summer outfit decorated with white flower petals.

The Spot

Designed by knightmareMerc

Dr. Jonathan Ohnn aka "The Spot" from the 2023 animated film Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse.


Designed by InternetMan

A cute pink flamingo with long black legs.

Goth Girl Summer

Designed by naxzys

Goth girl wearing a summer outfit!

Confused Shrek

Designed by MagMik

Shrek giving everybody the side-eye.

Desert Survivor

Designed by Nila

Adventurer who has survived for weeks in the hostile desert biome.

Summer Pepe

Designed by Felicitas

Pepe the frog wearing his summer outfit.

Relaxed Summer

Designed by Vrumo

The perfect summer outfit for chilling by the pool!

Shark Hood

Designed by Fasimann

Boy wearing a striking blue shark hoodie with black trousers.